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MTV, MGM Set Global Bond Linkage

MTV: Music Television and MGM Distribution Co. announced a global
movie-marketing partnership supporting the latest James Bond film, Die
Another Day

Produced by Eon Productions and MGM Pictures, the film is due for Nov. 22
theatrical release in the United States and United Kingdom. It will again star
Pierce Brosnan.

As part of the linkup, MTV will have a 24-hour global exclusive on Madonna's
music video of the movie theme, 'Die Another Day.' The network said this will be
its first worldwide exclusive for a music video. And its Making the Video
will look at how that video clip was done.

Among other elements due on MTV under this deal: Making the Movie will
offer a look behind the film's scenes; Die Another Day Movie Special will
feature interviews with the film's cast and crew; Day in the Life of James
will follow Brosnan around during the movie's production; and a movie
special will look back on the career of the latest Bond girl, Halle Berry.

In addition, MTV International's MTV Europe Music Awards Nov. 14 will
include a special appearance by Brosnan and Berry.

MTV also partnered with MGM on its last Bond film, The World Is Not