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MTV to Flip Reality Series

Everyday people surrendering their lives for a day to walk in another
person's shoes are the subjects of MTV: Music Television's new reality series
Flipped, premiering Aug. 6.

The 30-minute series, created by Scared Straight producer Arnold
Shapiro, will feature such scenarios as African-American and Caucasian
teen-agers switching skins to see how the other lives and a cop and a gangster
trading places for a day to experience the other's trials and tribulations.

Several episodes of the series will air in conjunction with MTV's 'Fight for
Your Rights: Take a Stand Against Discrimination' promotional campaign, the
network said.

In other MTV news, pop artist Mariah Carey will headline the network's
20th birthday bash show from New York Aug. 1. TLC, Jane's Addiction,
Run-DMC, Method Man, Mary J. Blige and Billy Idol will perform during the live
show, the network said.