MTV Coordinates `MTV Coordinates'

MTV: Music Television announced Thursday that its upcoming worldwide image
campaign, 'MTV Coordinates,' was inspired by the souvenir magazine distributed
to attendees at last fall's 'MTV Video Music Awards' event in New York.

In its announcement, MTV Networks International said the idea, 'Common'
(created by Melissa Silverman of MTV's U.S. on-air promotions department),
celebrated diversity and anti-discrimination.

After the terrorist attacks in the United States Sept. 11, MTV said, its
networks around the world 'expressed a desire to produce local image spots that
celebrate the common bonds, as well as diverse perspectives of young people

The 30-second campaign spots feature special key words (such as rhythm,
community, sex), which are then interpreted via original still images by
MTV-commissioned photographers in different nations. Those spots are then set to
'a vibrant and eclectic music soundtrack' and linked with complementary

Each participating MTV channel produced one promo spot, but they will share
the entire package of spots on-air and via their various Web sites.

In some cases, MTV said, Internet sites will stream the video promos, feature
flip books of the photographic stills and offer locally produced electronic
greeting cards.