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Motorola Partners in Interactive Content Lab

Lineo Inc., which provides embedded Linux system software, is teaming with
Metrowerks and Motorola Broadband Communications Sector to form Triarc Content

Triarc plans to reach out to content developers to make Linux-based
interactive TV applications.

The move follows the creation last summer of the TV Linux Allinace, of which
Lineo and Motorola are members, to create interactive TV applications.

'The broadband industry is migrating toward Linux as the software platform
for games, interactive content, programming guides, personal video recorders and
video on demand,' said Lineo CEO Matthew Harris in a statement.

Metrowerks creates CodeWarrior software and hardware development tools.

Both Metrowerks and Lineo will work with content suppliers to write
applications for the Motorola DCT5000 set-top box platform.

The parties said the Linux environment lowers operating costs for operators,
while also providing for more rapid device support for new hardware features,
easier porting of new interactive applications and fewer repeated tasks in
porting middleware solutions.