Motorola Buys Into VoIP

Motorola Broadband Communications Sector said it will marry Convergent
Networks Inc.'s soft-switch technology with its family of
voice-over-Internet-protocol gear for hybrid fiber-coaxial networks.

As part of the agreement, Motorola BCS has taken an undisclosed equity
investment in Convergent.

Convergent's 'ICServiceWorks' soft switch replaces the traditional class-5
switch found in circuit-switched voice networks and gives operators the ability
to enhance packet-based voice services with additional applications.

Motorola BCS' VoIP portfolio includes gear for a full-IP system, as well as a
switched-IP arrangement. Both can be used by operators that want to migrate from
circuit-switched to IP-based telephone services, the company said.

AT&T Broadband said last year that it will use Motorola BCS' equipment in
its initial pair of VoIP trials, which haven't been made