A Motive to BroadJump

Motive Communications Inc. has closed on its acquisition of BroadJump Inc.
and released its new "XI SmartService Suite."

The new software suite combines elements from both companies, but also
includes new "ServiceFlow" technology. That technology allows service providers
to specify unique service work flows for any service through a customer's
lifecycle and deliver them as smart services on demand.

Motive serves more than 10 million broadband subscribers across cable and
telephony companies. The private company said its revenue reached $30 million in
the fourth quarter of 2002.

In executive news, Kip McClanahan, BroadJump's CEO, becomes president of
Motive. Logan Wray remains chief operating officer of Motive, and Scott Harmon
remains CEO.

Motive cofounder Scott Abel was named executive vice president of the
enterprise business unit, and Broadjump cofounder and COO Kenny Van Vant was
named executive VP of the communications business unit.