More Vendors Get EuroDOCSIS Nod

Seven cable modems and one cable-modem-termination system were given passing
grades for EuroDOCSIS 1.0 during a fifth testing wave conducted by
Belgium-based, for-profit certification house tComLabs N.V.

EuroDOCSIS is essentially the European cable equivalent to North America's
Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification, which is headed by Cable
Television Laboratories Inc., a nonprofit research-and-development organization
based in Louisville, Colo.

The latest modem vendors to get the EuroDOCSIS seal were ASUSTeK Computer
Inc., Eumitcom Technology Inc., NET&SYS Co. Ltd., Samsung Electronics Co.
Ltd. and Tellabs Inc.

On the CMTS front, tComLabs qualified Arris Group Inc.'s chassis.

Including vendors in the latest round, tComLabs has certified 25 modems from
17 companies and 14 CMTS products from nine vendors for EuroDOCSIS 1.0.

The sixth EuroDOCSIS-certification wave is slated to kick off in October,
with results expected the following month.