A Moment of Opportunity

To the Editor:

I read "Reality Check, Post Sept. 11" [Backtalk,

Multichannel News, Jan. 14] with great enthusiasm, and very much appreciate your meaningful commentary, and the clear reporting by Monica Hogan in a related article ("Researcher: Keep Marketing, Post-Sept. 11," MCN, Jan. 14).

As you note, consumers are indeed "cocooning," spending more time at home and traveling less, seeking, perhaps, a haven in a heartless world. Our data show interest in enhanced new services is strong, yet the 10 to 15 percent of consumers who are postponing purchases or who plan to spend less on home entertainment represent a lot of people and potentially, lost revenue.

Our message is this: now is not the time for procrastination or complacency, but a moment of opportunity to put the right broadband, interactive affiliation and technology agreements in place and to commit the marketing and branding resources to connect with the consumer and service their needs.

Howard Horowitz


Horowitz Associates Inc.