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Modulus Unveils HD/SD MPEG-4 Decoder

Modulus Video flipped the switch on a new family of video encoders that can switch between HD and standard-definition MPEG-4 AVC video streams.

The ME2000 encoder family is the first single-rack-unit series of encoders that can easily reconfigure from SD to HD, and it can cut the resulting video-stream bit rates by more than 25%, according to Modulus.

The resulting flexibility allows service providers to offer a wider range of IPTV.

The encoders can be initially configured in one of three formats -- a multiformat version that offers HD and SD streams; a standards-only format with added noise reduction that can be upgraded to HD at a later date; and a stand-alone SD version.

“The ME2000 family is the first of the next generation of MPEG-4 AVC encoding solutions,” Modulus chairman and CEO Bob Wilson said. “The ME2000 family includes a no-compromise set of features and offers the lowest bit rates and the best video quality so our customers can focus on building their businesses by leveraging our industry-leading solutions.”