Mobile Advertisers Are Concerned That Quantity Is Trumping Quality

As video viewing becomes increasingly popular on mobile devices, there’s an emerging concern about the quality of programmatic advertising becoming available through inventories set aside for smartphone consumption.

Concerns about the quality of that programmatic inventory outpaced the challenges presented by ad-blocking technologies, according to a new study from AOL that tracked mobile usage trends from 1,600 consumers across seven regions: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. (For more from the study, see Videophile.)

The study, which also surveyed a smaller sample size of buyers and sellers in the digital video ad sector, found that about 47% of advertisers expected to boost their mobile ad spend by at least 25% this year, while 57% of publishers anticipated to increase spending in that category by the same percentage in 2017.

That same subgrouping said that in-app video, granular audience targeting, and the ability to buy mobile on a programmatic basis were the most popular mobile ad opportunities for 2017.