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MLB Drives Fox Family Ratings

Fox Family Channel's swing with the Major League Baseball playoffs connected
with the Nielsens.

Carrying eight games during the American League Division Series and National
League Division Series, Fox Family averaged a 2.3 household average with games
airing from Oct. 9 through 14, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

That represented an almost-sixfold surge from the 0.4 average Fox Family
posted with its Thursday-night package of regular-season games.

The playoff performance, though, was almost 21 percent lower than the 2.9
household average previous carrier ESPN averaged with eight divisional-series
games in 2000.

Fox Family's average benefited from a pair of primetime playoff games between
the Arizona Diamondbacks and St. Louis Cardinals Oct. 9 and 12, which generated
a 3.8 and 3.9, respectively. None of ESPN's playoff contests in 2000 aired in

The six daytime divisional-series games averaged a 1.8 rating on Fox Family,
according to Nielsen data.