A Primera Vista

Fox Sports en Español presents a program that turns the spotlight on to a different perspective in the world of Mexican Soccer: the referee. Dive into the world of the men in black, see them discuss the rules, how they train and ultimately see them defend or disagree about their own calls. The program is hosted by well-known sports personality Ruben Espejel.

Episodes: 52

Duration: 1 hour

Season: All year


Adrenalina is a young and fresh action sports and adventure program that uses a dynamic format that fuses humor, music and the most skillful athletes in the world of surf, skate, snowboarding, BMX, wakeboarding and more. Adrenalina takes you to experience the riskiest adventures in the most exotic and remote locations around the globe.

Episodes: 44

Duration: 30 minutes

Season: All year

De Leyenda: La Historia del Deporte en México

De Leyenda documents the history of sports in Mexico via profiles and features of the country’s greatest and most notable teams and players. This program traces the history of soccer in Mexico and its popular club teams such as América, Chivas, Pumas and Necaxa. De Leyenda also focuses on some of the most prolific Lucha Libre fights, taking a detailed look into this well-known Mexican sport.

Episodes: 30

Duration: 1 hour

Season: All year

Expediente Fútbol

An essential for soccer fans, this program chooses one team and gives a detailed history of their clubs’ achievements and star players. The show is focused primarily on Argentine teams, but expands its covereage to clubs from around the world.

Episodes: 40

Duration: 30 minutes / 1 hour

Season: All year

¡Jorge Ramos En Vivo!

Renowned sports journalist and commentator Jorge Ramos hosts this live one-hour program that airs Mondays and Fridays at 10pm ET. The show includes viewer call-ins, guests, and live e-mails and focuses on reviewing the weekend's games and previewing upcoming matches, particularly from the Mexican league.

Episodes: 40 (Mondays) / 40 (Fridays)

Duration: 1 hour

Season: August - June

Minuto Cero

A one-hour program that previews Argentina’s “Clásico del Domingo” broadcast live from the stadium. This show is hosted by world class coach Carlos Bilardo, Argentina’s top sports journalist Marcelo Araujo and the always controversial Fernando Niembro. No other show offers fans such full access to the players and coaches before the game.

Episodes: 38

Duration: 1 hour

Season: August – June

Palabra del Deporte & Palabra del Deporte DX3 (Mondays)

Hosted by Pablo Carillo, Alejandro Reyes and Claudia Aranalde, this program goes beyond the standard interview by reaching out for different points of view and getting into the minds of the biggest names in sports featuring viewer call-ins and interviews Join us Tuesday thru Friday in our 1 hour edition.

Palabra del Deporte DX3 features 3 of the most distinguished and established commentators in the world of Mexican sports television. Join hosts Pablo Carrillo and Raúl Orvañanos in our new 2 hour Monday edition of DX3.

Episodes: 52 (DX3 Mondays), 208 (Tuesday thru Friday)

Duration: 2 & 1 hour

Season: All year

Premios Fox Sports

The annual Premios Fox Sports is the only televised event of its kind celebrated throughout the Americas in order to award the best Latin American athletes that reside both within and outside the United States. With over 12 categories, the event recognizes those who stand out due to their achievements and accomplishments in their respective sport, as well as give recognition to their contributions to their community.

Episodes: 1

Duration: 2 hours

Season: December

Rumbo al Reto Final Nissan

Follow George X through the actual search for the players of El Reto Final Nissan. Rumbo al Reto Final Nissan gives fans a reality show look at the assembly of the teams as well as the training and preparation for the actual rematch. Join George X as he tracks down two former international stars from Mexico and Argentina to become team captains in order to form two super star teams - one for each country. Rumbo al Reto Final Nissan is a 5 week series leading up to El Reto Final Nissan.

Episodes: 6

Duration: 1 hour

Season: May – June


Each episode will feature upcoming Latin American soccer stars (currently in youth soccer). There will be two players from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina participating as well as one player from Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Perú and Chile. Titulares is hosted by popular Argentine actor Gastón Pauls, well known in Latin America and Europe.

The best players in the world such as Ronaldinho, Van Nistelrooy, Tévez, Agüero, Fernández, and Gago are featured.

Episodes: 11

Duration: 30 minutes

Season: June - July

Tuzoccer: El Mundo de Pachuca

Tuzoccer is a weekly magazine that features content from the Pachuca Fútbol Club. The program will include exclusive interviews with players and coaches, updates on the club’s position in the Mexican Soccer league as well as segments on upcoming matches and highlights from previous rounds. There will also be features on the Pachuca Fútbol University.

Episodes: 52

Duration: 1 hour

Season: All year