Mega TV Sizzles in an ‘Intimate Kitchen’

Add a pinch of entertainers and a dash of Latin recording artists: That’s an essential part of the recipe for success SBS’s Mega TV has cooked up for its newest offering, Intimo en Mi Cocina con Las Estrellas.

Promising kitchen intimacy with the stars, the celebrity-fueled cooking show hit the airwaves on Nov. 14. Mega TV flagship WSBS in Miami will air it weekdays at 4 p.m. (ET).

At the helm of Intimo en Mi Cocina con Las Estrellas are Mexican actor Omar Germenos and Venezuelan actress Liliana Morillo-Rodriguez.

The program will feature several segments away from the kitchen. Traveling around the world is correspondent Andrés García Jr., who will lead viewers through the customs of popular cities and countries around the world.

The segment "Con sabor y estilo," hosted by María Alejandra Chabán, will share beauty tips from some of the top names in art and fashion. In "El fuegón interactivo," Carlos Hernández will engage in social media and discuss the latest in technology, as well as showcase some of the funniest videos on the Internet.

In the spirit of other entertainment programs on Hispanic TV, there is also an astrology segment.

In "astrology and destinies," astrologist Enrico Mariani will examine the moon’s influence on every sign of the zodiac according to the different aspects of life: health, love, family and money.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Intimo en mi cocina turns the cameras on Chef Leo Verona.

Among the guests appearing during the show’s first week are recording artists Chino y Nacho.

Ony Productions, led by CEO Othniuska Cedeño, is producing the show for Mega TV.