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MediaOnes Mysore Wins Polaris Award

Dallas -- Sudhesh Mysore, a telco-to-cable convert at
MediaOne Group Inc., won cable engineering's top honor here last week.

Mysore, manager of MediaOne's
broadband-architecture/optical-technologies laboratory, earned the 1999 Polaris Award for
his feel for fiber, coupled with a stellar career in optics.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers hands out
the award in recognition of an individual's contributions to optical advancements in
the broadband industry.

Mysore received a distinctive Steuben crystal award at an
SCTE ceremony last Wednesday.

Born in India and raised in Canada, Mysore holds a number
of degrees from the University of Alberta. He began applying that education in 1983, when
he started working for MCI Communications Corp. as a project engineer.

He detailed the system design of MCI's Mid-Atlantic
Fiber Optic System -- the world's first large-scale single-mode fiber optic system --
in a 1984 paper.

In 1986, he moved to Sprint Corp. as a senior member of
technical staff. At Sprint, he was involved in building a fiber optics laboratory at the
company's corporate headquarters, as well as in field trials of optical amplifiers
and wave-division-multiplexing technologies that dramatically reduced Sprint's
transmission costs.

During that time, Sprint honored Mysore with a special
award acknowledging his contributions in using optical amplifiers that kept the
company's cross-country fiber optic system running during the massive summer floods
in the Midwest in 1993.

By 1993, Mysore had moved on to become a member of
technical staff at U S West Inc.'s U S West Advanced Technologies unit, where he
worked on high-speed fiber optic networks.

It was during this time that he helped to deploy U S
West's first optical-amplifier system in 1994. The system was a 200-kilometer SONET
OC-48 link that was the longest unrepeated link in the United States at the time.

When U S West and MediaOne went their respective ways in
1998, Mysore stayed with MediaOne Labs in his current title.

He is currently working on new transport and feeder
architectures for hybrid fiber-coaxial networks; return- and forward-path issues; and the
implementation of novel optical technologies to further lightwave-related training, such
as dense WDM and spectrum planning.

As part of the annual ceremony, award sponsors CED
magazine (sister publication to Multichannel News) and Corning Inc. donated $5,000
to the SCTE in Mysore's name.

Michael Lafferty is associate editor of CED