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Med1a Formed to Monetize IPTV

Opera Telecom CEO Gary Corbett and T2eUK CEI Jamie Branson teamed up to launch Med1a, a consulting firm aimed at aiding media companies and special-interest groups in monetizing IPTV services.

“A flurry of activity in the IPTV market toward the end of 2006 has prompted a raft of interest from organizations as diverse as media conglomerates, special-interest groups and charities all keen to jump on the bandwagon,” Corbett said in a prepared statement. “For those companies with a clearly defined strategy, IPTV offers unbeatable benefits over traditional TV-delivery methods, such as measurability and consumer targeting, as well as a fantastic revenue opportunity.”

Branson added, “Consumer behavior is changing fast, and organizations recognize that they need to react to that change. Our experience shows that you can't afford to dabble with IPTV -- the costs are high and there is a risk of disenfranchising the core consumer base. From choosing the IPTV platform through to creating a business model that effectively combines subscriptions with advertising and interactivity to generate revenue, getting it right from day one will deliver significant competitive advantage. This is where our depth of experience can help get organizations quickly to the point of monetizing their offering over IPTV.”