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MCN ONLINE EXTRA --- FEB. 10, 2013

MCN One on One: TNT’s Michael Wright

Bartiromo Anchors New Fox Business Lineup Starting Aug. 24
Cochran Promoted to CEO at WOW!
NAB Asks Nielsen to Delay Hybrid Video Management

Hispanics Still Not Garnering Fair Share of Ad Dollars
Mainstream Coverage of TV Immigration Lacks
Garcia Touts Importance of ‘Authenticity’ in Multicultural Programming
Programmers Vary Approaches to Targeting Content
Franklin Urges Marketers to Find Cultural ‘Sweet Spot’
Social Media Key to Building Momentum for Big Events

InSites Consulting Study on Millenials and Social Media

Digital Learning Day: The President and FCC Commit to America’s Classrooms
(Comcast Voices)

Voices: Reynolds’ Rap

The NFL’s Numbers Game

‘Optimum’ Deal on the ‘Verizon’
(Station to Station blog,

MCN’s Top 5
1. Fox Preps for the Super Bowl of Streaming
2. DirecTV Makes a Roku Connection
3. Dish Unveils New Portable Satellite Antennas
4. Comcast’s Cloud DVR Rolls Into Boston
5. TWC Unveils Three-Year Ops Plan