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McCain Rips FCC's Spectrum Plan

The Federal Communications Commission is making a mistake by allowing dozens
of TV stations to accept cash for vacating spectrum for new users, Sen. John
McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday.

'The proposal before the FCC that enables broadcasters to further capitalize
on the spectrum give-away by allowing the broadcasters to negotiate to vacate
the spectrum by 2006 for a price is not, I note, a responsible solution,' McCain
said in a statement Thursday.

The FCC is allowing stations in channels 60 through 69 to accept cash in
exchange for vacating those channels promptly.

The agency is planning to auction channels 60 through 69 June 19, and it
expects higher revenue if bidders -- especially wireless phone companies -- know
for certain when the TV stations will be gone.

The commission also wants to clear the spectrum for use by public-safety