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Making HDTV a Reality

High-definition television is one of the most exciting new products to be offered to the American consumer in the history of television. But it is also one of the most challenging and complex services ever devised because so many different industries play an important role in making HDTV successful.

We, here at Reed Business Information, serve many of those important industries through the print and electronic products we produce. TWICE
magazine serves the consumer electronics and retail reader. Multichannel News
serves cable operators and cable programmers. Broadcasting & Cable
serves the broadcast television community and Variety
serves the Hollywood producers and studios communities. These constituency groups are the key forces behind the deployment of HDTV.

This HDTV Stakeholders Summit supplement is a special project focused on educating these constituencies — retail, consumer electronics, cable operators, cable programmers, broadcasters, Hollywood producers and studios — about the key issues facing HDTV deployment today.

The supplement reflects our interest in breaking down the barriers between these groups, to create a more meaningful dialog to advance the cause of HDTV. To that end, we're holding an HDTV Stakeholders Summit Sept. 23 and 24 in Washington, D.C. Senior executives from these groups will join seven sponsors to discuss, explore and find solutions to the problems that face HDTV deployment today.

We hope this special effort provides insight that is helpful to the readers of TWICE, Multichannel News, Broadcasting & Cable
and Variety, as they strive to make HDTV a reality.


Bill McGorry

Executive Vice President

Reed Business Information