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‘Los Cowboys’ Settle In at Galavisión

Los Cowboys: Vida de Ciudad. Corazón de Rancho, a reality series previously available as an online-only offering, has saddled in to a Wednesday-night slot on Univision Communications’s Galavisión pay TV network.

Los Cowboys, which began airing Wednesday nights at 10:30 p.m. on Sept. 21, is produced by Corral360, which specializes in bicultural content for Hispanic millennials. The original docu-series focuses on “the duality people face when balancing work and family in pursuit of the American Dream.”  

The show’s characters “infuse day-to-day drama with comedic wit and an emotional draw,” the network said. “Story lines are carefully plotted around issues familiar to multicultural, multi-generational families and are presented in a fun and compelling way, which is sure to captivate viewers of all backgrounds.”

Corral360 president/CEO Alex Corral said: “We are tremendously proud to partner with Univision to bring Los Cowboys to an even greater audience. We look forward to taking viewers with us from a family ranch just a few miles from downtown Los Angeles to the daily hustle of Hollywood.” 

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles sponsors the series, with Dodge Ram trucks woven into the action. “As marketers, we are seeing different patterns in media consumption and we need to remain current to find ways to naturally connect with our consumers,” Fiat Chrysler head of multicultural advertising Juan Fernando Torres said. “Content is as important as language with Latino audiences and we jumped in early to partner with Los Cowboys because we felt they were onto something unique and special. Los Cowboys fits the image of Ram trucks and provides the brand with a platform to integrate cultural values and insights to connect emotionally with our consumers.”

The show’s 10-episode first season debuted on Hulu in January; it was the OTT service’s first unscripted crossover show. Other sponsors included Anheuser-Busch InBev and Lucas Oil.

While the first season of Los Cowboys followed a team of Mexican “charros” living in L.A., preparing for their dream of competing in the Mexican national rodeo, the second season delves deeper into their everyday lives and examines the delicate balance experienced by so many who transition between two cultures (and languages) every day. Cast members include:

● Alex, a TV producer who loves horses, the rodeo and charrería. A natural born leader, Alex spends his time going to pitch meetings at networks, developing and producing TV content but is also a devoted family man, trying to find time for his beloved charrería.

● Marisela, Alex’s wife. A mom-to be when the show opens and a new mom in the second season, she balances work and family while keeping her husband and the charros in check.

● Rob, a seasoned horse trainer, who was a rough and tough playboy when the series launched but as a married father of triplets in the second season now finds himself questioning the risks he must take every day in the arena. 

● Joey, Alex’s younger brother and best friend.  Not so much a charro himself, Joey is a musician turned florist with a growing business in L.A.

● Ivette, a beauty queen who is as fierce on the catwalk as she is in the corral.  A professional and competitive horse rider in an equestrian drill team, she is often a better rider than some of the guys

● Ralph, the most experienced charro in the group and the team’s leader, is also a busy entrepreneur and family man.  He balances multiple business ventures with family life, taking refuge in the comradery of charrería