Local Ties Run Deep

One of the Rigas family businesses that has come under scrutiny is Eleni Interiors, a furniture store based in this town just 35 miles from Adelphia Communications Corp.'s Coudersport, Pa., home base.

Doris Kelly, the wife of Adelphia founder John Rigas, is the chair of Eleni's board, which was formerly known as Nanettes Interiors. Eleni was incorporated in February 1993.

Eleni supplied furniture to all of Adelphia's offices, as well as to its bankrupt competitive local-exchange carrier subsidiary, Adelphia Business Solutions, according to a profile of the company published on the Web site of Verona, Pa.-based CIS Office Installers and Refurbishers Inc.

Eleni based its commercial division in an office occupied by Adelphia Business Solutions in Southpointe, Pa., according to CIS.

The Rigas family has been one of the largest benefactors at St. Bonaventure University, which is located two miles from Eleni Interiors. Former Adelphia executive vice president of operations Michael Rigas sits on the university's board of trustees.

A few years ago, the family donated money to St. Bonaventure's fine arts center, which holds the Rigas Family Theater.

Rigas made another donation to St. Bonaventure last November, when it renamed its basketball court Adelphia Court at Reilly Center.