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Local Cable

Local Cable -- See and view same-day local cable spot logs

Spot playback of furniture store commercial aired in Boston on CNN recently.

Our patented broadcast monitoring technology listens to top-rated local cable stations in major markets.

While our computers automatically track millions of recurring commercials hour after hour, 365 days a year, our teams of spot data specialists research and identify hundreds of new advertisers and commercials every day.

It's this combination of expert human attention coupled with highly-sophisticated computer hardware and software that allows you to create same-day online reports anytime you want them, 24 hours a day.

What you'll get from our local cable monitoring service:

  • Powerful online search tools for local cable stations in your market
  • On-demand capability to compare newspaper ads
  • One-click data export to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets for further analysis
  • Same-day local cable data availability
  • Ability to generate new, updated reports whenever you want

What you can do with it:

  • Examine spot break placement, length and spot loads per hour
  • View any station's log of spots as aired
  • See actual time each local cable spot aired
  • Hear audio of any spot or song from any computer
  • See client spots on competing stations in a market
  • Generate lists of spots
  • Create combined panel of stations, then analyze their spot schedules
  • See which accounts are not buying specific stations

Why you'll profit from this powerful tool:

  • Great for prospecting - generate instant sales leads
  • Advertising campaign verification
  • View and/or listen to your ad campaign
  • Make more powerful decisions with more current information
  • Create competitive intelligence reports for advertisers

Media Monitors proudly serves major broadcast groups, newspapers, media analysts and ad agencies.

Ask about availability in your market.