Linksys Opens Gateway with HPNA

Widening its support of home-networking protocols, Linksys said it has
integrated Home Phoneline Networking Alliance 2.0 technology into its
consumer-targeted cable and digital-subscriber-line router.

Working with chip-maker Broadcom Corp., Linksys said the combination
essentially morphs its router into a home gateway, capable of sharing bandwidth
and networking multiple PCs, printers and other consumer-electronics

HomePNA 2.0 -- which leverages existing phone lines as the base of its
networking capability -- can achieve Ethernet-class data speeds of 10 megabits
per second, according to the standard's specification. That would be fast enough
to transport TV-quality video.

Linksys said it has sold roughly 1 million cable/DSL routers since January
2000. Its new, HomePNA-based 'HomeLink Phoneline 10M Cable/DSL Router' is
expected to carry an estimated street price of $199.