Lifetime Moves Tech Ops

Lifetime Entertainment Services will move its technical operations center to Manhattan from Queens, N.Y., in 2006.

The technical operations center, including Lifetime’s broadcast operations, post production, engineering and corporate data center, will relocate from Astoria’s Kaufman Studios to 111 Eight Avenue (between 15th and 16th Streets), where the women’s network has signed a long-term lease for a 50,000 square-foot space on the building’s second floor.

Lifetime officials said the new venue will feature a leading edge technical facility fully enabled by digital asset management technology.

“Digital asset management technology allows you to manage and track video and other media assets as files,” said Gwynne McConkey, Lifetime’s senior vice president, operations, information systems and technology, in a prepared statement.
“Television is moving from a tape-based technology to this all-digital world. The workflow at our new Manhattan offices will operate entirely on this new platform, which is somewhat revolutionary for a creative television network,” she said.

McConkey added that while digital management systems have been used by some TV news and sports organizations, or in post-production “islands,” this will mark the first time a drama-driven network will implement digital asset management across the entire production-to-air workflow.