Lifetime Honors Breast-Cancer Survivors

Lifetime Television, along with affiliates and advocacy organizations
across the country, will salute breast-cancer survivors and activists devoted to
putting an end to the disease.

As part of this year's version of its 'Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Breast
Cancer for Life' campaign, the network will select more than one-dozen 'Breast
Cancer Heroes' in recognition of their ongoing commitment to fighting the

The honorees will be nominated by advocacy organizations and seven affiliate
partners -- Insight Communications Co. Inc., AT&T Broadband, Time Warner
Cable, Comcast Cable Communications Inc., Cox Communications Inc., Charter
Communications Inc. and EchoStar Communications Corp.

Breast-cancer survivors are being encouraged to submit 200-word descriptions
of their special commitment to fighting the disease.

Each selected hero and one guest will be sent to the Oct. 10 taping of the
third annual Women Rock! Girls & Guitars, Lifetime's star-studded concert for breast-cancer awareness. The
concert will feature some of the best talent in women's music today. Lifetime
will also create a special salute to each of these heroes by posting their
stories and photos at and
by recognizing them at Women Rock!.

Programming tied to the campaign will include Fighting for Our Future,
a documentary about several young women undergoing breast-cancer treatment, and
specially themed episodes of Strong Medicine.