Levi Maaia bio

Levi Maaia joined Full Channel in September of 2004.  He earned his BS in Film and Television from Boston University and received a MA in Journalism from Emerson College.  In 1996 Levi founded ComCreations, LLC a web development startup company.  In 1999 he and two other students in Boston University’s television and film program brought some of the first independent film and video to the World Wide Web a video-streaming precursor to YouTube called Green Line TV.

At Full Channel, Levi has been instrumental in bringing youth and foresight to the Full Channel brand as it fights the “bigger is better” image of its national cable competitor.  Under Levi’s direction the company has made it’s first forays into competitive advertising, DTV retransmission and DVR technology.

Recognizing the subscribers’ need for help with personal computing Levi also founded and oversees the company’s on-site computer repair department “Red,” which dispatches computer experts to customer homes for non-cable related computer help and training.