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Letter To the Editor: Co-Op: We Were Here First

To the Editor:

In the April 6 issue of Multichannel News, RobertRoseman of TCA Cable TV Inc. is quoted as saying that TCA's Tyler, Texas, system willbe the first to use two-way cable modems over an all-coaxial system that has not beenrebuilt with fiber. He is wrong. The Cable Co-Op of Palo Alto (Calif.) has been providinghigh-speed, two-way cable-modem service over an all-coax system for almost four years.

After two years of engineering trials, we hooked up morethan two-dozen beta-testers, starting in November 1995. I had my Com21 Inc. cable modeminstalled in February 1996. The service was reported in the San Jose Mercury ofJune 16, 1996. We began offering commercial service July 1, 1997, and we have more than400 customers at rates beginning at $99 per month.

The service is very successful. We are expanding it in anorderly fashion. We hope to tie into the city of Palo Alto's fiber ring later thisyear, and to significantly expand both the speed and number of homes served withhigh-speed, two-way data service.

Sorry, TCA: You are more than two years behind the leaders.

Bob Moss
Board of Directors
Cable Co-Op of Palo Alto