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Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) enables people to make powerful connections-whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible-providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time.Cisco was founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company's inception, Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. Today, with more than 65,225 employees worldwide, this tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading products and solutions in the company's core development areas of routing and switching, as well as in advanced technologies such as:

Advanced Technologies

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The Network is the Platform

The emergence of the network as a platform is changing the entire value chain of technology and placing the network squarely at the center of innovation: as many as 14 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2010. The explosion of devices will be fueled by more and more services and tasks being handled online, from phone calls to personalized searches to downloading videos, games and other forms of entertainment.

The role of the network is evolving beyond that of infrastructure. It is emerging as a secure platform for delivering the customized and personalized experience that 21st century users expect - whether that means delivering new services as a carrier, boosting productivity for businesses of any size or consumers looking for real-time, personalized entertainment and services.

As an increasingly intelligent network evolves into a platform, users will be able to communicate from any device and in whatever mode they choose.

Cisco is leading the transition to a network-centric technology environment. By combining its core strength (IP) with intelligence, the company is creating a powerful communications platform that will serve as the basis for the convergence of data, voice, video and mobile communications in a secure, integrated architecture.

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Research and Development

Our long-time commitment to ongoing research and development (R&D) is the basis for Cisco's innovation. In fiscal 2007, we invested more than $4.5 billion in R&D. More importantly, the investments we made three to five years ago are the foundation for the growth Cisco experienced this fiscal year. Of particular interest in fiscal 2006 was the service provider acceptance and business momentum of our CRS-1 Carrier Routing System. Our unified communications advanced technology, formerly enterprise IP communications, has positioned Cisco as the market share leader in the enterprise voice marketplace. Storage, another of our advanced technologies, experienced revenue growth of approximately 50 percent on a year-over-year basis. Cisco also announced enhancements to our core routing and switching product lines, introduced three new advanced technologies, and continued development on several emerging technologies. We expect to continue our investment in R&D in fiscal 2008 to support our vision of innovation.

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Linksys Takes Cisco Into The Home

Cisco has extended its networking technology expertise in the enterprise and service provider markets into the high-growth consumer networking market with the addition of its Linksys Division in June 2003.

Linksys has the most extensive product line in home networking, with more than 70 products including wireless routers and access points for simultaneous sharing of broadband Internet connections, wireless network adapters and wireless print servers as well as traditional wired products such as Ethernet routers and cable modems, unmanaged switches and hubs, print servers and network attached storage for easy sharing of digital music, photo and video media files.

With Cisco's networking expertise and Linksys' user-friendly features, consumer and small medium business (SMB) users will be able to build high quality networks designed for the home or small office environment. A home network enables families to better utilize their broadband Internet connections by offering the ability to share Internet access using either wired or wireless connections.

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Scientific Atlanta Sets Stage for Multimedia Future

In February 2006, Cisco completed the acquisition of Scientific Atlanta of Lawrenceville, Georgia, a leading global provider of cable and IPTV set-tops, data and voice cable modems, end-to-end video distribution networks, and video systems integration services. The acquisition enables Cisco to offer a world-class, end-to-end data, voice, video, and mobility solution for cable and telecom operators that deliver expanded entertainment, information, and communications experiences to consumers.

The addition of Scientific Atlanta products, systems, services, and video delivery expertise complements the Cisco IP Next Generation Network architecture, which offers service providers an open platform for service differentiation. This allows them to move beyond digital video and IPTV to develop and deliver a variety of integrated media services to the connected home.

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The acquisition of Webex was completed in May 2007.

WebEx is a market leader in on-demand collaboration applications, and its network-based solution for delivering business-to-business collaboration extends Cisco's vision for Unified Communications, particularly within the Small to Medium Business (SMB) segment. WebEx's service portfolio includes technologies and services that allow companies to engage in real-time and asynchronous data conferences over the Internet as well as share web-based documents and workspaces that help improve productivity, performance and efficiency of workers in any size organization. WebEx's subscription-based services strategy has been key to its success, and Cisco plans to preserve this business model going forward.

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Social and Philanthropic Initiatives Strengthen Communities

Our company supports Networking Academy programs in more than 160 countries, with approximately 10,000 academies and over 430,000 students. Students in high schools, technical schools, colleges, and community organizations learn hands-on networking skills to prepare for the workforce of today and the future. The Jordan Education Initiative, spearheaded by Cisco in partnership with the World Economic Forum and several other organizations, continued its momentum of expanding its interactive e-curriculum-based education programs by moving into new geographic areas such as Egypt and India. The education initiatives in the Mississippi and Louisiana school systems after Hurricane Katrina are rebuilding schools for the 21st century. These are all examples of how technology has the power to change the way people work, live, play, and learn. More importantly, it can actually improve lives.

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Corporate Citizenship Report

We continue to pursue success and trust as a corporate citizen. Cisco's products promote collaboration and communication of information that is used not only to power businesses, but to modernize governments, support education, and foster economic development as well. We partner with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to research innovations in product design that enhance energy efficiency. Our product design and manufacturing teams seek ways to cut emissions and increase the recyclable nature of our products. Global connections via the Internet remind us that we all inhabit one world. We believe in protecting it as best we can.

The 2007 Corporate Citizenship Report addresses stakeholder concerns for our citizenship governance practices and commitment to our employees, the environment, and society. It reflects our thinking and progress to date on the issues that affect the sustainability and health of our business and society, and describes the tangible benefits of our citizenship activities. For its social responsibility efforts, Cisco received an Excellence in Corporate Philanthropy Award from the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy.

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Support and Consulting Services Help Customers Succeed

In addition to hardware and software products, Cisco provides a broad range of service offerings to its clients, including award-winning technical support and advanced services. Cisco sells its products and services-directly through its own sales force and indirectly through a network of channel partners-to large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, service providers, and consumers.

Cisco has long been recognized as a pioneer in using the Internet and its own network to improve its business practices. The Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), the global strategic consulting arm of Cisco, helps Global Fortune 500 companies and leading public organizations improve the customer experience and increase revenue growth by transforming the way they do business. IBSG designs innovative business processes and then integrates advanced technologies into visionary roadmaps that optimize business results and increase efficiency. Drawing on a unique combination of industry experience, business acumen, and technical knowledge, IBSG consultants work as trusted advisers to many of the world's leading organizations. We welcome you to visit the IBSG Website to learn how your business or organization can benefit from Cisco IBSG thought leadership.

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Channel Partners Address Network Evolution

Network technology is rapidly changing and creating new demands by businesses and organizations of all types. In response, Cisco Systems has developed its industry-leading channel partner program to help the company's important sales force, its channel partners, develop the skills and expertise they need to thrive.

Cisco's channel partners, a global force of over 200,000 people in 35,000 independent value-added resellers, systems integrators and network consultancies, account for more than 90 percent of Cisco's commercial and enterprise revenue worldwide.

For more information about Cisco' corporate history, click here for the Cisco company milestones and corporate fact sheet. For more information on Cisco and its technology initiatives, go to www.cisco.com.