L.A. Station Uses Spanish Cable Fare

A Los Angeles-area low-power TV station is filling part of its programming
day with previews of Spanish-language fare it's licensing from basic-cable

Paul Koplin, a cable veteran who heads Venture Technologies Group, parent of
KSFV-LP, channel 26, said the programming agreement is a win-win arrangement for
his station and local cable operators.

The deal was struck with International Channel Networks, which licenses a
package called 'The Best of Spanish-Language Cable.'

KSFV is rolling out segments from Fox Sports World Español, VHUno, MTVS and
Sky Sports News. The programming will help to fill primetime hours at the
station, which is targeting Central Americans as its key demographic.

KSFV also carries its own news programs, and it is an affiliate of Home
Shopping Network Español.

The station -- which is not a must-carry for cable operators, but which is
available over-the-air to 80 percent of broadcast homes in Los Angeles -- will
air promotions for digital cable during these shows, Koplin said.

'We get great branded product, they get more eyeballs,' he