Krone Replacing Binzel at NCTA

David Krone, a senior executive with Leo J. Hindery Jr.'s Yankees
Entertainment & Sports Network, is rejoining the National Cable &
Telecommunications Association as executive vice president, a senior
cable-industry source said Thursday.

Krone, who held the No. 2
NCTA job briefly in late 1999 and early 2000, is to begin work
July 1.

He replaces Peggy Binzel, who announced her NCTA departure June 4.

Krone, 35, was on vacation and unavailable for comment.

Krone left the NCTA in February 2000 to join mentor Hindery in Silicon Valley
at GlobalCenter Ltd., the Internet-hosting subsidiary of Global Crossing
Holdings Inc., the fiber optic company that has declared bankruptcy.

early 2001, Krone left GlobalCenter to return to Washington, D.C., where
he was associated with Ryan, Phillips, Utrecht & MacKinnon, a Washington lobbying firm
employed by the NCTA.

Krone was also associated with HL Capital Inc., Hindery's private-investment

Krone was a senior Washington lobbyist for Tele-Communications Inc.

When AT&T Corp. purchased TCI in 1999, Krone remained with the company
briefly as a lobbyist with AT&T Broadband, then jumped to the NCTA.

Last fall, Krone's name surfaced as a potential
candidate for a Democratic seat at the Federal Communications Commission.

He took his name out of the running not long afterward to reunite with
Hindery at YES in New York.