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Knology Adds ISP To Charleston Net

Charleston, S.C. -- Internet service provider A World of
Difference has signed a three-year contract to use the Charleston, S.C., cable network
built by Knology Broadband Carrier Services.

The ISP, Charleston's largest independent Internet
access provider, will buy high-speed transport service over Knology's new hybrid
fiber-coaxial network for resale to its own cable modem customers, beginning with trials
later this month and planned commercial availability in April.

Stewart Flood, A World of Difference's president and
CEO, said cable modems for its' service will be available entirely through retail channels
such as the local computer stores with which it has offered signups for its dial-up
product. Pricing has not been set.

A World of Difference also soon expects to begin offering a
proprietary server-based office and home information management service, enabling
customers to use a dedicated Web site for storing, accessing and updating data such as
calendars, phone lists or employee time sheets.

ISP MindSpring Enterprises Inc. also plans to provide
cable-modem service in Charleston using the Knology network there. Earlier this month
MindSpring began offering high-speed service using Knology's Montgomery, Ala.,
System, charging $39.95 a month and another $13 a month to lease a modem.

Knology still is completing buildout of hybrid fiber-coax
cable systems in Columbus and Augusta, Ga., and Panama City, Fla., adding about
2,500-4,000 new homes passed per month.

Knology president and CEO Bill Morrow said the company
planned to have all its markets up and running by mid-year or sooner.