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Kennard Steps Down From FCC

WASHINGTON -Federal Communications Commission chairman William Kennard last Friday announced his resignation effective Jan. 19, the day before President Clinton is to leave office.

Kennard, who had planned to leave after he finished work on the America Online Inc.-Time Warner Inc. merger, said he will join the Aspen Institute for a few months to write, speak and entertain job opportunities. He also plans to spend more time with his 10-month-old son.

The Aspen Institute is a public-policy organization that brings together world leaders from government and business to debate key issues facing society. AOL Time Warner Inc. Gerald Levin is an Aspen Institute board member.

Kennard, the first African-American chairman in the agency's 65-year history, said he sent Clinton and Vice President Al Gore his resignation letter Friday morning.

"Although my term as commissioner extends until June of this year, I have decided our work is complete here and it's time for me to go," Kennard said, echoing Gore's Dec. 13 election concession speech.

Republican FCC member Michael Powell is considered President-elect Bush's choice to succeed Kennard, who took office in November 1997.