Juniper, Microsoft Team Up to Secure IPTV

Juniper Networks Inc. and Microsoft Corp. joined forces to offer beefed-up security-protection products for Internet-protocol delivery services including IPTV.

Armed with that agreement, Juniper can offer IPTV network-security solutions to “Microsoft TV IPTV Edition” customers.

Specifically, Juniper will supply its firewall and intrusion-detection and prevention products, which can be combined with Microsoft TV Edition content-security elements. That will provide better protection from threats including Internet worms, Trojans, spyware and application-layer predators.

Juniper will also offer security-consulting services to help IPTV operators gauge their vulnerabilities and upgrade their security measures. That will come in handy for the growing list of IPTV providers using Microsoft TV Edition.

“Juniper delivers a unique security solution for the IP infrastructure that will add a layer of network security and enable operators to more reliably utilize IP networks to deliver a range of next-generation television services and experiences,” said Christine Heckart, general manager of marketing for Microsoft TV.