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Juniper Lands Two IPTV Customers

Juniper Networks announced Tuesday that two service-provider customers are using its gear to roll out IPTV services.

Norwegian cable TV operator Get, formerly called UPCNorway, will use Juniper's M320 routers to upgrade its core network to an IP architecture. The cable operator, with more than 350,000 subscribers, will use the IP network to distribute video content from Get’s headquarters to regional cable headends in major cities throughout Norway.

Meanwhile, Zhejiang Telecom, a subsidiary of China Telecom, deployed Juniper’s E320 broadband-service routers and T-series core routers to introduce IPTV and other multiplay services. The service provider has 3 million subscribers.

Juniper also announced new IPTV features including enhancements to MPLS-based point-to-multipoint (P2MP) broadcast-video distribution and new capabilities for its SDX-300 Service Deployment System.

The vendor debuted Liquid LSPs, a solution that leverages the SDX-300's open application-program interfaces to ensure efficient network handling of video-on-demand content.

Juniper said the Liquid LSP feature also supports Fast Failover capability for split-second failover, ensuring the quality and reliability of video services even in times of network congestion and equipment failures.

As for P2MP, Juniper’s new features include the extension of constrained-shortest-path-first (CSPF) functionality to P2MP LSPs, which enable the network to automatically determine the most efficient path through the network for a given video stream.

This allows a few superheadends to service many remote video sites over long distances while assuring delivery quality, the company added.