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Iowa Telecoms Deploy Occam Fiber Gear

A coalition of seven local telco carriers in Iowa turned to Occam Networks to help upgrade their networks to offer video along with voice and data services.

The seven -- Farmers Mutual Telephone Cooperative/USACommunications, Alpine Communications, Northeast Iowa Telephone, Baldwin/Nashville Telephone, Schaller Telephone, Cooperative Telephone Exchange and Andrew Telephone -- have all installed Occam’s digital-subscriber-line access-multiplexer blades to boost bandwidth across their copper loops connecting to subscribers.

For example, Farmers deployed Occam’s BLC 6000 blade series, and it is now offering voice, video and high-speed-data services via a 28-megabit-per-second connection. In the future, that system may be able to offer connections as quick as 1 gigabit per second.

Baldwin/Nashville, meanwhile, deployed Occam’s access gateway as part of its conversion to a soft-switch architecture, allowing IP services.