ION Rides RHI’s Killer Wave

ION will debut the first of 12 original productions from RHI Entertainment -- miniseries Killer Wave,starring Tom Skerritt -- Aug. 5.

The four-hour miniseries, airing all in one night, also features Angus Macfayden (Braveheart, Alias, Saw 3), Steven McHattie (A History of Violence, Seinfeld) and Karine Vanasse (Head in the Clouds, Set Me Free).

Last fall RHI and ION Media Networks announced a new partnership, a primetime destination called RHI Movie Weekend, whereby RHI would serve as the exclusive television-programming supplier on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for an initial two-year period.

The relationship kicked off the weekend of June 29 with a digitally remastered edition of critically acclaimed Lonesome Dove, which is airing on four consecutive Saturday nights. RHI expects to debut five additional original movie premieres on ION this year.

Killer Wave is an action-disaster miniseries about a conspiracy theory regarding the manufacture of fear for profit. In the story, a large corporation hatches a scheme to devastate American cities on the East Coast with the intent of winning a multibillion-dollar contract from the government to build a sea wall along the Eastern Seaboard.

Killer Wave was filmed in more than 45 locations throughout Canada last summer.