InterAccess Dives Into Chicago DSL Market

Chicago -- The competitive market here just became more
robust with the announcement that hometown company InterAccess Co. will launch high-speed
digital-subscriber-line service in areas already served by Ameritech Corp. and AT&T
Broadband & Internet Services.

InterAccess is repositioning itself from a DSL provider to
be a competitive local-exchange carrier. The company believes that as a CLEC, it can cut
out the data-transport "middleman," speed order fulfillment and lower prices.

InterAccess already has customers in Indiana and Wisconsin,
and it anticipates adding users in Michigan and Ohio by the end of the year.

High-speed packages known as "DSL-One" and
"DSL-LAN" are marketed to small and midsized businesses at rates beginning at
$72 per month over standard phone lines, at a speed of 1.56 megabits per second.