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Intellocity, nCUBE Go On Demand

Denver-Intellocity USA Inc. and nCUBE have teamed up to develop an on-demand-application system that runs over nCUBE video servers and Motorola Broadband Communications Sector's widely deployed "DCT-2000" digital set-top boxes.

Under terms of the agreement, Intellocity-which is currently building an interactive-television-application developers' tool kit for AT & T Broadband-said it will design and integrate the equipment necessary to support the communications link between nCUBE's "MediaCUBE" streaming-media platform and the DCT-2000.

Intellocity will also develop a client-side application and user navigation interface for the DCT-2000 that enables viewers to select and retrieve video-on-demand titles.

And the ODA application will house future-proofing measures to handle the integration of multiple billing systems and billing-system features such as spending limits, purchase codes, parental codes and rental status, the companies said.

The ODA's initial deployment is slated for the late third quarter and into the fourth quarter of this year, Intellocity senior vice president of business development Ed Knudson said.