The Inspiration Networks and Teen Content Provider, Steelroots, Partner with Dennis Martinez and D.O.P.E. for Grand Cayman Events


Melissa Prince


Martinez, along with hosts of THE UPRISING, Christian Hosoi, Brian Sumner and Jay “Alabamy” Haizlip, will visit schools and prisons during upcoming trip in May

Charlotte, NC – On May 11, Dennis Martinez returns to the Cayman Islands in partnership with The Inspiration Networks and youth television outreach, Steelroots. Their purpose? To connect with kids, teens and inmates, and talk candidly about the tragic consequences of drug use. Visits will include schools, jails and community events, including the filming of THE UPRISING television programme at the Black Pearl Skate Park on Friday, May 22.

Martinez’s newly released movie, D.O.P.E., has received numerous nominations and won several awards in more than eighteen film festivals in the U.S. “D.O.P.E. means Death or Prison Eventually; and that’s where drugs will get you,” says Martinez. “I’ve lost so many friends because of drugs. Hey, I should be dead myself.”

Pro skateboarder, and one of the stars of D.O.P.E., Christian Hosoi, echoes Martinez’s sentiments. “I had fame, fortune and a promising future ahead of me. But I literally threw it all away when I started doing and selling drugs. The glamour is all hype and deception. Most everyone I knew in the drug scene is in prison…or dead!” 

Currently, hundreds of thousands of juveniles today are serving time in jail for drug offences. D.O.P.E., funded entirely by donations to Car Angel and Boat Angel, has a track record as an effective message to combat the attraction of illegal drugs. Through exposure to this film in showings across America, many children have pledged not to experiment with drugs.

Raphael Bodden, President of Cayman Outreach Association, is the local organizer and contact. He was instrumental in helping Martinez during previous visits to the islands. “Dennis has a way of capturing the attention of young people, and communicating with them,” noted Bodden. “There’s no doubt that he is intervening at a critical time in the lives of our kids! Faith-based and neighbourhood groups are using this programme with great success to reach into their communities to keep kids out of jail."

When asked how the local community can offer support, Bodden replied, “We need meals, accommodations and transportation for these guys! Individuals or business can donate money specifically for this event; restaurants can offer to feed the team a meal; hotels can provide lodging at discounted rates. There are many ways to help.”

To schedule a media interview, please contact Melissa Prince. If you are a Grand Cayman resident or business and want to get involved, contact Raphael Bodden.

About Dennis Martinez

At the age of 16, Dennis Martinez was at the top of the 1970’s pro skateboard scene in California. Like so many others, he became seduced by the excitement of fame and fortune. Now, Martinez is a volunteer chaplain at a Level 4 maximum security prison at Calipatria State Prison and travels the world holding prison and school assemblies to present the truth about drugs and their inevitable consequences. His seminars and new movie, D.O.P.E., has an unprecedented success rate in impacting people and communities.

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