Indictment Over Miami for Ex-Cable Exec

The U.S. District Attorney in Miami is pursuing a 66-count indictment against
Charles Hermanowski, one of the original cable operators in Miami-Dade County,
Fla., alleging that he billed the U.S. government for cable systems on military
bases he never built.

The indictment was apparently issued, but sealed, in June. The government
filed a 'superceded' indictment last week, adding an obstruction-of-justice
count, according to Aloyma Sanchez, special counsel for public affairs.

Hermanowski is under arrest in Australia. He allegedly left the United States
on vacation, but tried to travel from Australia using a different name,
according to news reports. That prompted the latest count.

The investigation was launched at the behest of the Department of Defense,
which alleged that it was billed in the 1990s for cable systems at 10 military
bases, now closed, for nonexistent cable systems.

An industry fact book from that era lists Hermanowski as chairman of
Americable International Inc. of Miami.

He was not the majority owner, though. Wife Joan Hermanowski is listed as 51
percent owner of the MSO, which then served systems -- including Air Force bases
and naval air stations -- in 13 states and Puerto Rico.

Americable got a controversial joint franchise for an area of Miami, but it
was eventually bought out by co-franchisee Tele-Communications Inc.

Hermanowski's attorney, Don Bierman of Miami, did not return calls about his

The phone number listed for Americable in Miami is no longer