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Independent Telco Taps Myrio for ITV

CC Communicationsof Fallon, Nev., said it plans to launch a suite of
interactive-television services using existing telephony lines and Myrio
Corp.'ssoftware and hardware platform.

Prior to the commercial launch, CC had been piloting Myrio's technology. The
initial commercial rollout will go to 500 subscribers, with about 1,000 coming
online by year's end, said the independent telco, which serves about 14,000
residential and business subscribers in the area.

CC said Myrio's system will enable it to offer digital television,
DVD-quality video-on-demand, high-speed Internet-access and telephone services.
The telco said Myrio's platform is a cost saver because it can be integrated
with existing copper infrastructure.

Texas-based Livingston Telephony Co. has also installed Myrio's platform for
advanced television services.

Earlier this month, Myrio closed its series-B round of equity funding,
raising $20.5 million.