Independent Show News: RCN Taps IBBS Care Platform

RCN has deployed IBBS' Broadband Explorer (BBX) Diagnostics platform to support customer care and technical operations in its two major call centers, the companies said.

RCN picked the IBBS platform for its simplified interface that gives RCN agents a single system from which to perform a variety of customer care functions in serving its 325,000 broadband customers, they said.

The BBX platform provides a rich data stream that is accessed from a series of integrated, color-coded screens. The platform integrates customer data, customer equipment performance data, network metrics and other vital information that allows agents to quickly analyze data, perform diagnostics and reach resolution.

Before launching the BBX tool, RCN agents relied upon a number of systems and screens that resulted in call handling inefficiencies, the firms said. Agents were required to toggle between platforms and screens which required some manual synthesis of customer data. RCN, owned by ABRY Partners, switched out its legacy platform in June, the companies said.

"Deployment of the IBBS BBX Diagnostics platform provides RCN agents with superb functionality and will have a far-reaching, positive impact on our operations," RCN CEO Jim Holanda said in a release. "Most importantly, this tool will contribute to improved customer satisfaction as we'll be able to more quickly troubleshoot and reach resolution via a succinct toolset. As a competitive broadband provider, we know that the customer experience, along with a strong bundle of services, is a key differentiator. IBBS BBX will help us to achieve our mission."

IBBS provides voice and data services for Tier 2 and 3 broadband providers and one year ago purchased voice-over-IP provider SinglePipe. Since the acquisition, IBBS said, 43 broadband providers have selected IBBS to power their voice services in the residential and commercial marketplace. The company is exhibiting at this week's Independent Show in San Francisco (booth 703).