Incanta to Provide Music for Knology

Broadband service provider Knology Inc. plans to deploy Incanta Inc.'s
technology and broadband-content services to its high-speed-data

Incanta will provide Knology subscribers with music players, allowing
consumers to access Incanta's 100,000-song music library.

The Knology 'BroadTuner' allows subscribers to access more than 80 'radio'
stations programmed by Incanta.

Knology said that in a test deployment, some 15 percent of Knology's
high-speed users downloaded and signed up for the service and 11 percent logged
in daily, using it for more than one hour per day.

'This new service is exactly the type of enhanced application that broadband
users want from high-speed Internet,' Knology vice president of sales Tony
Palermo said in a prepared statement.

The service has been launched in most of Knology's markets, and it is free to
high-speed subscribers. But Knology may place Incanta with other high-speed
content in a bundled-offering pay service in the future.

Knology serves 126,000 subscribers with video, voice and data services in the
Southeast United States.