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Hotels Look to HDTV, DVR

HDTV and digital-video-recorder technology are making just a big a splash on
the hotel space as they are in cable.

At a hotel entertainment convention this week in New Orleans, LodgeNet
Entertainment Corp. is showcasing HDTV with Zenith Electronics Corp.

"LodgeNet and Zenith have developed a standards-based solution that delivers
HDTV programming over the hotel's existing coaxial cable network, displaying a
picture quality many guests have never seen before," said David Bankers, senior
vice president of product and technology for LodgeNet, in a prepared

Zenith said the set-top it's offering to LodgeNet integrates ATSC (Advanced
Television Systems Committee) digital HDTV and traditional analog NTSC (National
Television Systems Committee) programming on LodgeNet's
video-on-demand-server-based platform.

At the same show, On Command Corp. was exhibiting its "Motion Control,"
system, which will allow guests to pause, fast-forward, rewind and save
video-entertainment selections for up to 24 hours.