Holiday Wish List

It's been a tough year: with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States and their aftermath, and the sluggish economic environment. But in keeping with the holiday spirit, Multichannel Newspolled readers to learn their hopes and wishes for this holiday season and for the year to come.

"MSOs need to offer additional creative and compelling content to their high-speed data customers or risk losing them. My greatest wish for 2002 is that they hear me, so in 2003 I won't be saying, 'I told you so.'"

Maggie Bellville



"We wish and hope to be the best host the Olympics has ever seen and that it will snow even more than it has already [in time for the Winter Olympics' Feb. 9 start]."

Gary Boles

Senior Vice President

AT&T Broadband, Salt Lake City

"My wish for 2002 is that Game Show Network's new original interactive programs will be huge hits, and that Osama Bin Laden gets gonged."

Rich Cronin


Game Show Network

"That every great broadband start-up is able to attract new funding in 2002 so they can succeed and become the leading advertisers in this magazine."

Jim Faust



"Take the 'sin' out of synergy to make cross-platform, multimedia deals easier for both clients and their agencies to embrace, and see improved analytics, so media planners could make the most informed marketing decisions."

Larry Goodman

President, Sales and Marketing

Cable News Network

"I wish that in 2002 the global political environment stabilizes and the U.S. economy rebounds. We wish that our customers enjoy a healthy and safe New Year and a rise in their rate of digital-cable deployments. We also hope to see a Pioneer Voyager 3000 series digital set-top box on every cable TV!"

Mark Gurvey

Vice President

Pioneer Electronics Corp.

"While things will never be back to 'normal' after Sept. 11, the tragic events have made us all evaluate what is important in our lives — our family, our friends and our colleagues. These events truly have brought people together and have inspired a spirit of hope in Americans and people around the world. So my wish is that this feeling of hope and togetherness will not be forgotten as time passes and that we all stay true to what is important."

Mindy Herman


E! Entertainment Television

"At Knology, our biggest wish for 2002 is to continue the successes we've had this past year. We would like to see lots of new broadband content made available for delivery to our customers at prices that are affordable for everyone. We hope that all consumers will come to fully realize the value of bundling service. And while we're wishing, we would like to see the NASDAQ go over 5000 again!

"Personally, I wish that we could all learn to take ourselves a little less seriously. The economic challenges and the terrorist attacks we have endured this past year should help us realize how important it is to hug our children and our spouses, to tell our parents we love them, and to let our friends and business associates know how much we care."

Rodger Johnson


Knology Inc.

"That the season brings strength and comfort to those affected by Sept. 11, especially the families that lost loved ones. That we stay firm in our resolve to make the world a safe and peaceful place four our children and our children's children. That the security and peace usher in a new era of prosperity for the entire planet and a Dow Jones industrial average of 100,000."

Joe Kernen

On-Air Company

News Editor


"An improved economy, a safer world in which to raise our children and the realization by reporters everywhere that demos — not households — is the true gauge which underpins this business."

Mark Lazarus

President, Sales and Marketing

Turner Entertainment Group

and President, Turner Sports

  1. "World Peace.
  2. My children are safe and happy.
  3. The advertising market comes back so that Mel [Karmazin, Viacom president] will be happy.
  4. The digital market explodes and Black Entertainment Television's digital networks will have 80 million subscribers."

Debra Lee

President and Chief Operating Officer

Black Entertainment Television

"For marketers at all geographic levels to give renewed priority to advertising in their strategic plans and even more recognition to cable's growing value in achieving business goals."

Joseph Ostrow


Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau

"I hope that in the coming year we can lay a foundation for a new era of peace and prosperity, and maintain our renewed focus on the importance of selflessness, sacrifice and courage."

Hank Ratner


Rainbow Media Holdings Inc.

"This is truly a year to wish for peace on earth for all."

Dave Rozzelle


Altrio Communications

"I wish that our country heals in 2002 and the tragic events of Sept. 11 bring us closer together as a people and with the world community. For our industry, I wish for continued regulatory stability and increasingly strong consumer demand for broadband services. For our competitors, I wish health and happiness — just not at our expense."

Robert J. Sachs

President and CEO

National Cable & Telecommunications Association

"With so much concern this year on world events and the ad market, my wish for 2002 is that my biggest worry will be which Powerpuff Girl to push for Best Actress in the trades for year-end movie awards. That, and making sure Mojo Jojo also gets invited to Vanity Fair's
Oscar party!"

Jim Samples

Executive Vice President and General Manager

Cartoon Network Worldwide

"For every one of our affiliates to move Comedy Central to Channel 2. These are stressful times and we need to make it easier for Americans to find a good laugh."

Brad Samuels

Executive Vice President of Affiliate Relations

Comedy Central

"My wish for 2002 is that all of us cherish and safeguard our liberty and freedom — that we don't take those cornerstones of our lives for granted, casting them aside for the sake of easy, convenient political solutions to more fundamentally complex problems. Selfishly, my additional wish is for an accelerated rollout of video-on-demand technology to the millions of passionate people who clamor for our new VOD service, Mag Rack."

Josh Sapan

President and CEO

Rainbow Media Holdings

  1. "That Osama is found ... by Geraldo.
  2. That Eli Manning wins the Heisman his brother didn't.
  3. That stickman returns to the 'new normal's' G-Block on The Fox Report.
  4. That the Yanks stay in the Bronx.
  5. That we never forget."

Shepard Smith

Host, The Fox Report

Fox News Channel

"The events of this last year have certainly tested our country, along with the financial stability of our business community. The silver lining is that it has made us step back and reassess our life priorities and refocus on family and friends. It has heightened my appreciation for all of the special relationships and partnerships that have contributed to Wink's success this past year. In the spirit of the holidays, it is my hope that we continue to build the bridges in our industry, which enable us to create things together, for the global good, which were unimagined in the recent past.

"I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a world at peace."

Maggie Wilderotter

President and CEO

Wink Communications Inc.

  1. "Financial analysts' understanding that satellite marketing expenses are not going away.
  2. Broadcasters' understanding that it is not their God-given right to have digital must-carry.
  3. Money managers' understanding that now is the time to invest in interactive TV.
  4. Cable operators' understanding that now is the time to launch interactive TV.
  5. Congress' understanding that there really is competition in cable.
  6. Customers' understanding that cable operators are simply the messengers when we raise our rates.
  7. My understanding of what is in my 14-year-old daughter's head."

Michael Willner

President and CEO

Insight Communications Co.