Hoffman Juggling Jobs

Two hats are better than one, apparently.

At least that's the case for Wes Hoffman, the new president and CEO of
HighSpeed Surfing Inc., a start-up developer of broadband modem and networking

In addition to his duties at HSS, Hoffman will also remain president of ICTV
Inc., a title he assumed in 1995. ICTV has developed a thin-client cable
infrastructure for digital interactive-television applications, but it has yet
to score any commercial deployments and it is currently seeking more funding to
stay alive.

In an interview earlier this week, Hoffman said how much time he spends on
each company will be primarily 'event-driven.' He added that he initially got
involved with HSS to help the fledgling vendor assemble a new round of funding,
and that the job 'evolved' over the last six months.

Separately, HSS said it will unveil the 'WG 100 Wireless Router' at next
week's National Show. Using the 802.11b home-networking protocol, HSS' router
will deliver a wireless throughput of 11 megabits per second.

HSS said the new gear is ready to ship, and it will initially be distributed
to its MSO partners. The vendor has shipped cable-modem products to Comcast
Corp., Time Warner Cable and members of the National Cable Television
Cooperative Inc., among others.