HITN-TV, Cablers Hit Campaign Trail

HITN-TV, the Spanish-language educational and cultural network, has partnered with some of the largest U.S. cable providers to offer its recently launched Destination Casa Blanca 2008: The Latino Voice in the Presidential Election via free video-on-demand starting June 1.

The deal, which does not involve any financial considerations, is part of cable’s “Elections ’08 On Demand” initiative. Several cable operators and advertising rep firm National Cable Communications have developed the politically themed free on-demand channel, which is available in 29 million U.S. homes.  

Spearheaded by Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications, the agreement makes Destination Casa Blanca 2008 the only such Latino-themed program available via VOD, reaching over 90% of the country, said HITN chief technology officer Kevin Liga. HITN-TV is expected to contribute up to 10 titles per month and the content will also be made available online, for access by the cable operators’ broadband customers.

Elections ’08 On Demand will feature two main sections: One devoted to the presidential candidates and one for programmers who will examine the issues surrounding the election process. Content will be refreshed each month, according to Time Warner Cable and Cox representatives.

Destination Casa Blanca 2008 launched April 10 and features Latino public-policy experts debating issues relevant to the Hispanic community, such as immigration, the economy, health care and education.