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HGTV/Food Prep Web Site for Affils

Scripps Networks, parent of Food Network and Home & Garden Television, is the latest cablecompany to develop a Web site to keep network affiliates abreast of the latest in local adsales opportunities and other matters.

Food and HGTV will join about a half-dozen cable companiesthat either have a Web site up already or are developing one.

Both Scripps networks will be testing their joint Web siteon the Comcast Cable Communications Inc. andTele-Communications in Knoxville,Tenn., Scripps' home base, from Dec. 10 through Dec. 28.

If all goes well, the ite will "go wide" thesecond week in January, said Janice Brandon, Scripps Networks' director of new businessdevelopment.

Initially, affiliates will be able to download thepassword-protected local ad sales-related information, ranging from programming changes toresearch and co-op ad information.

"There may be a marketing layer after it's up andrunning," Brandon added.

This cyberspace kit will be replacing its printed quarterlymedia kits for affiliates, she pointed out. The big disadvantage in the print versions wasthat elements become outdated quickly, while Scripps can update the Web daily if it hasto, she added.

Scripps Networks said it was inspired by CabletelevisionAdvertising Bureau research indicating that 97 percent of network affiliates were usingsuch sites, she said.

MTV Networks,Comedy Central andTurner BroadcastingSystem Inc. already have their ownaffiliate-oriented sites, while A&E Television Networks and Discovery CommunicationsInc. have sites under construction.