HBO's Still Undercover

America Undercover Sundays
, Home Box Office's documentary franchise,
returns for a third season Sunday, serving as a lead-out to the final season of
prison drama Oz with the third in a series of "Iceman" specials.

The doc series debuts at 10 p.m. with"The Iceman and the
Psychiatrist," a follow-up about renowned shrink Dr. Park Dietz, a consultant to
the FBI and an expert on criminals who delved again into the mind of Mafia
contract killer Richard Kuklinksi, dubbed "The Iceman."

Also on tap this season:"Smashing Machine: The Life and Times of
MarkKerr," a behind-the-scenes look at an extreme fighter; "Judgment
Day: Should the Guilty Go Free," a look at parole boards; and new installments
of Taxicab Confessions.