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HBO, RadioShack Back PrimeStar Promotion

RadioShack stores across the country last weekend began
marketing PrimeStar Inc.'s most ambitious consumer offer to date.

In an effort to drive up PrimeStar's subscriber numbers,
the weeklong campaign ties into the publicity surrounding the 12-part HBO miniseries From
the Earth to the Moon
, which makes its debut this Sunday night.

PrimeStar has dubbed the promotion, which starts Saturday
and runs through April 11, "The Best Offer from Here to the Moon." First-time
subscribers who pay a $99 installation fee (after rebate) receive a free month of
PrimeValue programming, a free month of three-channel HBO and a PrimeFinder remote
control, plus $60 in pay-per-view movie coupons and a $25 RadioShack gift certificate.
Also included is an exclusive HBO sweatshirt commemorating the lunar miniseries, which
runs consecutive Sundays through May 10. PrimeStar values the giveaway at $300.

"This campaign marks the first of many aggressive
marketing efforts for the new PrimeStar Inc.," said Denny Wilkinson, senior vice
president of marketing and programming. "As a single national entity, we can take
advantage of our strong nationwide distribution arm and execute a campaign to offer the
same packages and services in all regions of the country."

Rick Borinstein, senior vice president of merchandising at
RadioShack, said PrimeStar and RadioShack are backing the offer with major promotional and
advertising muscle. PrimeStar kicked off the effort with an ad last Friday in USA Today.

The PrimeStar promotion also won the front cover of a
multipage advertising insert that RadioShack ran in 42 million newspapers yesterday. The
following two pages were also devoted to what Borinstein referred to as "reception
devices," including the Digital Satellite System, a PrimeStar competitor, and off-air

RadioShack stores "are all decked out" for the
promotion, said Borinstein, with special signing created jointly with PrimeStar. "We
think it's absolutely headed for a grand slam," he added.