HBO to Launch Cinemax HDTV

Anaheim, Calif. -- Home Box Office announced Wednesday that it will begin
transmitting East Coast and West Coast high-definition-TV feeds of its 24-hour
premium television service, Cinemax, in the second half of 2003.

HBO plans to offer approximately 70 percent of Cinemax's daily schedule of
first-run films, classic movies and original documentaries in true
high-definition 1080i (interlaced) format.

The remaining 30 percent of programming will be upconverted to the 1080i
format, providing subscribers with HD sets enhanced picture quality compared
with standard-definition digital television.

HBO was the first to launch a high-definition pay channel when East Coast and
West Coast HDTV feeds of its flagship network were made available in March 1999.
More than 65 percent of the HBO HD feed is in true HDTV.